Be a 'Force for Change' to Visit the Set of the Untitled Han Solo Movie

Now’s your chance to win the second experience in Star Wars: Force For Change and Omaze’s epic Star Wars “Past, Present, and Future” campaign — and if you’re a fan of a certain scoundrel, you’ll want to make the jump to lightspeed and enter.

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Serve Like a Jedi 2017

It's never too early to start planning how you'll Serve Like a Jedi this May 4th! Check out some of the exciting ways Star Wars fans and Rogues inspired their students to Serve Like a Jedi last year. Let us know what you're planning on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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The Last Jedi - Official Teaser Trailer

Check out the Official Teaser Trailer for The Last Jedi, coming to theaters this December! We can't wait!

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Rebels: Connections - Vision Quests

In Path of the Jedi, Kanan takes Ezra to a long forgotten Jedi Temple far away from the bustling cities on Lothal. It is here that Ezra will face challenges or visions that will determine whether or not he is truly ready to be trained as a Jedi. In Native American culture, young men often went on similar spiritual journeys to guide their destiny. Learn more in our Rebels: Connections area!

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Imagery of the Third Reich in the First Order

It's no secret that the enemies in Star Wars are influenced by the real- life villains of our own history. Nowhere is this more apparent than the persistent use of Nazi imagery within the saga. Palpatine’s rise to power mirrors that of Adolf Hitler, the Galactic Empire emerges as the repressive and dominating threat in the galaxy and now the First Order continues the Nazi influenced totalitarian ideology of the destroyed Empire.

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Rebels: Connections - Graffiti and War

War and artistic soldiers like Sabine Wren are not as unique as one might assume. Soldiers have been leaving behind graffiti, amongst other things, for centuries. The images and messages they leave behind can reveal the ins and outs of a soldier’s daily life or they can be sobering reminders of the bitter struggles between people.

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