Serve Like a Jedi 2016

It's never too early to start planning how you'll Serve Like a Jedi this May 4th! Check out some of the exciting ways Star Wars fans and Rogues inspired their students to Serve Like a Jedi last year. Let us know what you're planning on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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The Psychology of the Force

The Star Wars saga has engaged several generations of fans and viewers of all ages. It carries many themes relevant to our society and our day and age. One aspect of these movies is the characters and how they are relate to modern psychology. This article from profiles many of these characters and lists their traits in the lowest form of wit. It explores how they think and behave.

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Star Wars in the Classroom 'In A Galaxy' Documentary

Interested in learning more about what we do at Star Wars in the Classroom? Then check out our episode of In a Galaxy on the Free Verizon Go90 app. Thanks to our friends at Maker Studios and for making it happen!

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Order 66 and the Night of the Long Knives

In the Original Trilogy, Star Wars fans learn very little about the destruction of the Jedi at the hands of Darth Vader and the Empire. Developing this story for the prequels, George Lucas once again turned to the history of World War II for inspiration, mirroring the evil actions of Emperor Palpatine with one of the modern era's most ruthless dictators, Adolf Hitler.

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Studying Skywalkers: Ezra and Sabine’s Character Growth in Star Wars Rebels Season Two

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren continue to evolve in interesting ways, as they grow in maturity, as well as in their relationships with their surrogate family. These poignant moments increase our empathy, as we experience the levels of gradation that take place amongst each one.

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Star Wars and Westerns

Before premiering the new teaser trailer at Star Wars Celebration, Director JJ Abrams was discussing the new desert planet of Jakku when he added that “Star Wars is as much a Western… as it is anything else.”

Several months ago we presented parallels between Star Wars and America’s Westward Expansion. Take a few moments to learn how George Lucas and the overall saga has been influenced by the Old West.

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Rebels: Connections - Graffiti and War

War and artistic soldiers like Sabine Wren are not as unique as one might assume. Soldiers have been leaving behind graffiti, amongst other things, for centuries. The images and messages they leave behind can reveal the ins and outs of a soldier’s daily life or they can be sobering reminders of the bitter struggles between people.

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Are you an educator who teaches with Star Wars? Do you find yourself receiving odd looks from colleagues or see their eyes roll when you mention your awesome Star Wars lesson plan?

If so, then you're a Rogue and you're not alone! The Rogues are an amazing group of educators who seek to make learning fun and engaging by integrating the Star Wars saga...

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